Bartow, FL Law Firm Provides Personalized Attention in Juvenile Cases

Polk County attorney offers comprehensive representation to minors

The criminal justice system can be cold and unforgiving. For this reason, most cases involving minors are instead heard by the juvenile court system. Florida’s juvenile system is focused on rehabilitating your child rather than dispensing punishment. While any allegation can have a devastating effect on your child’s reputation, juvenile proceedings are intended to make things easier for you and your family. At the Flynn Law Group, attorney John B. Flynn fights to keep your child out of the adult criminal justice system. We work to achieve an optimal result for you and your child in the juvenile system.

Understanding the Florida juvenile justice system

The juvenile justice system is designed to be easier to navigate than the adult criminal justice system. After an arrest, a child is either released to his or her parents or held until a detention hearing takes place. Soon afterward, the state will decide whether to file charges. A few weeks after the arrest, you will be informed of any charges at your child’s arraignment.

At this point, we may be able to help you get your child into a pretrial diversion program. If your child successfully completes this program by fulfilling requirements such as community service, the charges will be dropped. If no program is available, you and your child may choose to accept a plea deal to avoid trial. A guilty verdict at trial can result in probation or commitment to a juvenile facility. Attorney John Flynn fights hard to keep your child out of these facilities.

Typical juvenile offenses in Polk County

Kids and teens are known for acting without thinking. They get into all kinds of trouble. Some of the crimes juveniles are commonly charged with include:

  • Assault and battery. Kids and teens will always get into fights. That doesn’t make them bad people.
  • Criminal trespass. Teenagers are curious and often try to go places that they shouldn’t be or aren’t allowed to be. Trespass is often part of a larger crime such as vandalism or burglary.
  • Theft crimes. Many teens go through a shoplifting phase. Getting caught can have serious consequences.
  • Drug offenses. Teens experiment with drugs. Some stop quickly, and others get more involved with controlled substances. Unfortunately, many teens are arrested for drug-related crimes.

If your child’s case is heard in the juvenile justice system, the possible penalties range from a verbal warning to 36 months in a facility. Our criminal defense attorney provides clients with personalized attention as we work toward the goal of avoiding serious punishment for your child.

Helping clients get their records expunged

There is no reason to let a childish mistake ruin your financial or professional future. We work with those who have been previously arrested to have their records expunged. The expungement process allows good people to move on from mistakes they made when they were young and cleans their record so that they can get a job or an education. Our attorney helps clients understand the requirements for this process and file the necessary paperwork for them.

Dealing with parental neglect of a minor in Florida

Florida treats child neglect as a crime. Neglect is any failure or omission to provide care, services or supervision necessary for the child’s mental or physical health. Neglect is a felony with possible punishments of up to 15 years in prison and loss of parental rights depending on the severity of the crime and the harm to the child. We help parents accused of child neglect fight these charges and maintain their parental rights.

Trust us to help your family deal with Polk County juvenile law matters

Florida’s juvenile justice system is designed to help children turn their lives around, but without an attorney, they may end up facing more serious penalties than are necessary. Attorney John B. Flynn at the Flynn Law Group represents juveniles and their parents in all cases involving criminal law. To schedule a free consultation with a tenacious and dedicated Bartow, FL juvenile law attorney, call 863-533-6707 or contact us online.